I knew the importance of networking. But it wasn’t until I was coached by Garland that I realized how many opportunities I missed for not utilizing networking as a tool to connect with people in the CRE industry. She taught me the tools necessary to network effectively and encouraged me to apply to a program to expand my knowledge and network. When I had to unexpectedly re-enter the job market due to a layoff, I was able to secure an offer that increased my salary by 27%. If you need someone to coach, cheer and give you the confidence to take the next step in your career, she is definitely what you need!


An incredible career opportunity came knocking and I needed advice from a career coach. I could only think of one professional I trusted, Garland Fuller. Garland was detailed and wise. Her professionalism and expertise put at bay my imposter syndrome. She coached me on improving my resume, what to add and delete from my cover letter, scheduled a mock interview with me and supported me while waiting for the offer—which I received!

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