Derrick B

I couldn’t be more grateful for the invaluable guidance I received from Garland Fuller in navigating my career path in commercial real estate. Not only did Garland help me land my first investment sales position at CBRE, but her expertise and personalized approach helped me clarify my goals as I moved into my specialty in healthcare real estate. Thanks to Garland Fuller, I now have a fulfilling career that aligns perfectly with my aspirations. Highly recommend their services to anyone seeking clarity and direction in the competitive world of commercial real estate.


I’m so grateful for getting the insights I need to move forward in my career path. The past few months, I felt stagnant in my role and felt unable to move forward but Garland was instrumental in giving me some clarity of purpose. She gave me valuable feedback, reminded me of my accomplishments, and gave me the impetus to keep going after my professional goals – no matter how daunting they may seem to be. And I landed a great role in the direction of my career goals with a 30% salary increase! 


Garland’s commitment to the advancement of diversity in commercial real estate has been nothing short of exceptional. Her strategic leadership and innate ability to coach, connect, and innovate have been transformative to REĀL, AAREP and all of the other organizations that have had the benefit of working with her.  Garland, we are so fortunate to work with you and champion your continued success.

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