About Me

Garland Fuller

Growing up as a first-generation college student from Belize, Central America raised in a single-parent household, I understand what it means to navigate a path that felt unfamiliar yet full of promise. I understood the importance of education as a tool for empowerment, access, advancement, and financial stability. Upon graduation I realized there was so much I didn’t know about navigating corporate spaces.

Building Community

Entering the corporate world as an HR professional, I quickly realized the stark realities of workplace dynamics.  Despite my qualifications and skills, I often found myself underestimated and overlooked.  Corporate America can feel isolating and cold when you are “first, only, and different”.  Without the help of mentors and building community inside and outside of work, I don’t know if I would have stayed as long as I did.  

But adversity has a way of igniting inner strength. It was through these experiences that I discovered my calling – to create spaces where identities are celebrated, voices are heard and representation matters and to teach marginalized people like myself how to show up as themselves. I wanted to share the tools, strategies, and practices that I learned and have allowed me to find by voice and shift my perspective on the value I bring to the rooms that I step into daily. 

With a deep rooted sense of purpose, I took a leap of faith and founded by own consulting practice: Fuller Circle Consulting.

Today my consulting firm is more than just a business -it is a platform for cultural transformation. I work to help organizations build cultures, systems, and programs that value the variety of identities that make up the future of work. I empower individuals to uncover their talents and transition into opportunities that allow them to be celebrated, valued, and compensated.

My path was not clear but it has led me to where I am today – a change maker, a voice, and a culture builder!

Full Circle with Garland

In 2020, I started a podcast called Full Circle with Garland to highlight the career stories of the pioneers and impact players who are making strides and changing the commercial real estate industry for the better. It was a roadmap for future generations to to have representation and to give recognition to the original waymakers.  

Award-winning career strategist

I was honored with the Bisnow Socal Power Women Award – Honoring current & next-generation leaders in commercial real state. Read the full story below. 

Putting my experience to work for you

At Fuller Circle Consulting, I believe in the power of both individual and organizational transformation.  That’s why we offer a range of services tailored to meet the needs of both.

For individuals seeking personal and professional growth, we provide group coaching sessions designed to foster community, accountability, and skill development. These sessions offer a supportive space for individuals to get clear on their personal vision, overcome self limiting beliefs, and add tools and supporters to their toolkit that will help them make more money.

Meanwhile for organizations committed to creative inclusive cultures, we offer consulting services, engaging workshops, and speaking engagements. We working closely with organizations to drive meaningful change from the inside out.

My Services

For Individuals

I offer group coaching, individual sessions, and a community to help you supercharge your career

For Organizations

I offer workshop facilitation and leadership development consulting to create more inclusive workplaces.

3 Steps to Work with Me


Discovery Call

15 minute discovery call to determine what your goals and needs are to see if I’m a good fit for you


Choose the package that best fits your needs

If you are feeling stuck in your career or job search, we will determine whether group coaching or joining our community will be the best plan of action


We work together

We work together on getting you closer to your realizing your personal and professional  that align with your financial goals

The time to make a change is


Let’s get on a call and find out whether we’re a match to work together.

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